Working with Chris Crickmay

An overview of a few days spent with visual artist Chris Crickmay in Devon.

Misri Dey


September 27-30

Worked in Dittisham, Devon, in the apple orchard barn studio with my collaborator Chris Crickmay, visual artist and writer (Body , Space, Image) We explored some of my archive family photographs in more detail, working physically, with objects, writing and speaking. We focused on five photographs, using breath into movement and then holding an image in our heads/bodies and moving/speaking from that. I love working with this – a kind of moving where you don’t care how it ‘looks’, but more that you are inside the image and movement and doing what feels right from moment to moment. We also used postcards which we linked imaginatively to the picture of Mima, my mother aged three, pulling away from the grasp of her mother, Klara, outside their house Merletto (meaning fine lace) in Biela. 

Family members Thakuma, Nandarani Dey)  Asu Dey, Klara Orthmann and Emilia Montaldi were joined in this session  by a grumpy horse. Two semi – Divine Gods also made a late appearance….