'Making Solo Performance'


'where one person is responsible for creating and holding the vision of a piece of work, from idea to performance, although others may be involved' 

'Your book is wonderful and on my reading list for all MA students, all who create their own solo thesis performances.

Lise Olson, Course Director MA Acting, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

'It's a great book and a very valuable resource. I've been using it in teaching this year.'

Dr. Alison Jeffers (FRSA), Senior Lecturer in Drama, The Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama, The University of Manchester

'Devising Solo Performance: a practitioner's enquiry'
Plymouth University


'Some of the questions raised by this practice includes: how to effectively use autobiographical material and connect it to wider social questions, how to include multiple voices, how to combine humour and lightness with political material about ethnicity and culture, how to collaborate effectively and how to give objects, music, light and space further presence'

'Going Solo'
Chichester Festival Theatre

Festival Brochure

'Random' also offers a clear example of solo work which seems to owe more of its influences to popular performance traditions of rap, hip hop, spoken word poetry and music than a theatre focused on literature. Think Benjamin Zephaniah, Jonzi D’s hip hop ‘Feater', spoken word poets Sarah Kay, Inua Eliams, Kate Tempest, Aleshya Wise, as opposed to the plays of a Sarah Kane or a Steven Berkhof. Not that their words are not ‘literary, if by that we mean finely placed, tough and precise. But they gather their meanings as much from rhythm and pace, melody and motion as they do from allusion and metaphor, and historical references'