In the rehearsal room... meeting some of the team IN PERSON!

Misri Dey

2/11/20221 min read

Anyone else find themselves being amazed at finally seeing people’s bodies, not just faces? Audio work, filming and photography today. Sign of the times - finally met some of the Family Tree posse up close and in real life – Izzy, producer extraordinaire, Vikki, techno king, Louis, film maker ( well I live with him but he has been isolating…). Not in a weird way, but I have to spend a few minutes just looking at their bodies.

I love the heat of a lit studio. The mess. The struggle to be present, not take off with fizzle energy when you are in front of folk and not just talking to the walls. The slog and the moments of buzz, or realness.

I am very aware this is the first pass at this piece of work – there is more to be done. Its a long old process - devising.

Stage time is a different time. How do you work out what a one hour show is, in fact? What it can be? And are any others out there who feel that Post Covid time is different- changed, on or off stage?

Worked on small moments to put into the promo film – fun. I am serious and not serious about the idea of ‘blame’. There are some things that are satisfying, silly, ridiculous, and a bit offensive to say. Which is of course the point. There are also some things you just cannot say you can blame. Satire just won’t stretch that far. And various people in the room, in rehearsal, satisfyingly said ‘yes’ to certain blames – it reminded me of call and response in church. in a way.